Spalding’s Festival of Contemporary Writing

I am reblogging an entry by my incredibly talented friend, Lonna. When I said that writing, though solitary, builds a community, this is what I meant.

Shining The Moon

At the age of 37, and five kids in tow, I went back to school. I ended up becoming an R.N., however it was not what I set out to do. I wanted to be a writer and sociologist. I still want to be a writer. In an English Lit class required for my original degree; I met Karyl Anne. She is the most remarkable poet. We had both taken seats midway in the room that invariably ended up being right next to each other. I was a hijabi and she was struggling with her faith; this was the spark for our first conversation. We both had a love/hate relationship with the professor. We admired his talent and loathed his pompous arrogant attitude.

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