So, I guess technology still has its uses…

My boyfriend has another woman. Her nae is Bertha, and she won’t leave our damn house. She lives in his office and, any time I think he and I may have a quiet night in without her, I catch him sneaking off to play with her.

Did I mention that Bertha is his computer? He goes on and on about her sometimes, her features, how she works, new software and hardware. I usually nod, and act interested, but honestly, I don’t care. I mean, I do–I care in that it makes him happy. But I don’t see her allure. I don’t understand being obsessed with an inanimate object and I certainly don’t understand the whole technology craze.

I suppose, in our new technophile world, I am something of a dinosaur. I love books, but I would almost choose not reading ever again over having to read on an eReader. I write all of my drafts by hand–usually with a fountain pen. While I like my blog (obviously), it is the only example of writing on a computer without writing out several drafts beforehand. Before I moved in with him, I barely turned on a television.

All of this just goes to prove how surprising it is that I have discovered that technology has its uses. Specifically, apps. One of my newer discoveries is “Writeometer,” an accountability app. Basically, you set up projects, writing goals, word counts, etc. It has a timer to focus writing sessions, which keeps me on track. (I have ADD, so anything that keeps me on track is a bonus!) My other recent find is “Writer’s Lists.” While it is more geared toward fiction authors, with character development and plot ideas, it has something to offer for writers of all genres: rhyming words for those of us who write poetry (or lyrical prose), lists of character names (I write nonfiction but have had several cases where I’ve had to change names), and many others.

They are both available on the Google Play Store and are worth checking out.


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