Spaces and Places

Virginia Woolf professed the need for a room of one’s own, which I am lucky enough to have. (Don’t mind the messiness of the pics below; they are from while I was moving.) I have set up this room, a spare room in the house I share with my boyfriend, to meet my writing needs.


Music, a reading chair, a gorgeous antique writing desk, plenty of dry erase and bulletin boards to keep me focused, five bookshelves… it’s perfect.


But sometimes, being alone in a room is stifling. And, too, being home means remembering that there is dusting or laundry or dishes that need to be done.

So I flee. I used to haunt Panera and Highland Coffee, but they aren’t as close anymore. I still make the drive to Panera sometimes, though–they have the perfect balance of isolation and company if I can snag a booth.

Or, if nature calls, I head to either Bernheim Forest or Beargrass Creek, find a spot under a tree and by water and let the natural rhythms of nature dictate my words. I need the natural world to recharge my creative batteries. There, I can sit and remember the magic that led me to writing in the first place.



But, too, I have written drafts on a portable table while sitting in the hallway at work, or on an airplane, or while in class. My writing group meets at a local Denny’s, and all of us have managed to create usable drafts there.

I guesd the point is to figure out where you’re comfortable and let that comfort and drive inform your writing. We can spend hours creating the “perfect space,” but if we’re not actually writing then it doesn’t matter.

What about you? If you’re a writer, where do you write best? What do you need in order to create?


2 thoughts on “Spaces and Places

  1. Love your room Karylanne! I can’t wait to have one of my own, and then I will write there. For now, I sometimes squeak some pages out from the couch, but my most productive writing has been at Infusco Coffee shop, which is a local business here with a great atmosphere. I also sometimes take a camp chair upstairs and sit outside to write. I love the idea of writing outside, but usually if I go anywhere but the back yard I am too distracted to really get any writing done.

    PS: I have that blanket, too! 🙂

  2. I adore you!!! I am a fan of Virginia Woolfe and her philosophy on writing. It does help sometimes, but I have a bit of an extroverted side that needs the noise of people, music, nature, etc. I see you got your books separated for the foundation’s sake ;). Love ya hun!

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